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Goodbye Matthew Tunstall |
Today is the end of an era. I closed my hosting account with I’ve been hosting sites with them for about 20years!! Earlier this year I moved over to Mythic-Beasts as I could get the same service for half the price. I’d left the account active as the renewal was not until July. Today with a pending invoice for renewal I finally took the decision to close the account.
April 2021 Update Matthew Tunstall |
Changes It has been a while since I last posted a significant update. If you are returning to the site you will notice the biggest difference, no more WordPress. I finally gave up on WordPress. I was never happy with it since the introduction of the block editor. I had been considering the move to a static site for a while and had experimented with a few different site generators. I settled on Sphinx as it meets my needs and that is what generates the site today.