4am is a time of day I don't often experience and after this morning I know why. Note to self: When agreeing to take people to the airport make sure they have their travel times worked out.

Following the drop at the local airport I ventured into work for some overtime. Being at work on a Saturday isn't most people's idea of a weekend, but at 5:30am it was hardly the place I wanted to be either. Logging a few jobs I spent the rest of my day feeling shattered, even the odd snooze failed to restore my normal cognitive functions. At least the ironing got done. Tomorrow I can have some extra sleep and take it easy.


The past few weeks have been troublesome. A constant scratching on my thigh as my keys pushed though the pocket wall of my work trousers. The temporary fix of micro-pore tape had worked for the last time as the fibres parted ways never to join again.

Today however things were different, a new pair of trousers that had been on standby were put into action. I slid my legs in and hoisted up the black cotton work-wear. Next the moment of truth as the attempt was made to locate button in hole, success the fabric had made it round my middle. I took a few seconds to enjoy the snug fit before selecting the days shirt from the hanger.

The morning routine was proceeding as normal when the time came to place my phone, keys and wallet in their usual pocket slots. I slid my wallet into my pocket as I felt the fabric tighten slightly, my phone and keys took up residence on the other side, their entry too resulting in a snugger fit than before. I looked down to realise what had been a nice fitting pair of trousers had suddenly grown ears bulging outwards. Unable to resolve the predicament I continued on to work in the knowledge that a passer by might quite easily think I was smuggling a Cornish pasty in each pocket.

I now reach the point of this post. Why on earth style a pair of men's trousers with pockets when they are absolutely no use at all to put things in? A few pence of fabric may have been saved increasing the profit margin for the manufacturer; fine do that, but let me pay the few pence extra to have working pockets instead of being one unzip away from an elephant impression.

Time To Relax

It has been a busy few weeks and plenty of overtime worked. This has lead to less time doing interesting development/research things and posting online. The good and bad news is that its end of overtime for a while. Those upon high who count beans have decided the stalk has been harvested too much and needs time to recover. So I will find myself with more time and my dream of sound insulation and carpets will move steadily into the distant future. I suppose I can't complain about being able to lie in an extra morning.

November Update

As usual it has taken me until the end of the month to get round to posting something. Normally this is just an update of the mail server saga or something about a site update. Not wanting to miss out such information that will follow. More interesting news is that I am changing my job, moving from a Field Engineer covering the entire country to something a little more localised. It should mean that I have a bit more of a life outside work; about time too.

Now the mail server is still working and I need to keep working on it to ensure stability and security but its mostly running itself. The website as a whole needs a few tweaks, the design is looking a little old. I am thinking of moving to a darker theme. Currently viewing the site in a darkened room on a 24" monitor is quite blinding. Something less intense and more readable is in order.

Since I am on holiday this week I may get some changes rolled out sooner rather than later.

May and Mailservers

May 2008 has been somewhat uneventful on the traveling front, work has mainly taken my to and from the office (3 miles a day). On the plus side being based at home I have invested some time into trying to setup a mail server. Now setting up a mail server was never going to be an easy task, the fact that I still don't have a working setup after several weeks of attempts is testament to this.

I did discover one solution that may be of use to somebody wishing to setup a headless server. ClarkConnect is a modular server and gateway operating system which can be setup for your needs. There are commercial and community editions available, I tried the community edition. What was obvious for the brief test installation is how polished ClarkConnect is; but you would expect this from an established commercial product. The fact that as a home user I can use this product for free is fantastic. ClarkConnect is linux based but its essentially a highly customised single purpose distribution. You can't for example install a gnome desktop on it, its a headless server and as such is a web interface for the server processes only. If I wasn't wanting to run non-server applications on the same machine as the mailserver then ClarkConnect would be my first choice for a simple and secure home server setup. Give it a try.

When I finally get a solution for my own mailserver setup I'll try to create an install guide, I've not found a good guide yet so I may as well try and create one.