A Fatter Website

Deltanova has put on a little weight this weekend and not because of too much curry and beer. The change has taken place to enable the website to fit a 10" netbook screen width. Displays smaller than this are nolonger common on desktop machines so it makes sense to make use of the greater screen width. I'm not maximising to fill 24" displays as thats going too far and reading is more difficult over such a screen width. The change forms part of my plan to put more example code onto the site; wider page means less line wrapping. More tweaks to the site are planned but they are likely to be smaller, less noticable steps.

Mailserver – Another Stage Completed

Over the past couple of weeks I have been moving the mailserver project closer to being ready for actual use and another milestone has been passed. I have now reached the stage where my hotmail and gmail accounts are collected onto the server and made availiable via IMAP.

This has not been without problems, I experinced a problem with mail not getting through the spam filter when sent from the local machine but working fine for the exernally received mail. This has now been resolved, although I have to admit I'm not sure how, mainly because I never fully isolated the actual cause of the problem. I suspect it was the system calling the spam filter multiple times whilst processing a single email. Now the next stage is to test how things work for a week or so and watch out for any more bugs.

There is plenty more documentation to write, every thing about the mailserver configuration is full of options to configure it and I want to make sure I have a reference for the future. I still might be on target for having all my other email accounts on the server by the end of the year.

Kernel Upgrade Day

It has been a long time since I last updated the kernels on my linux machines. I had managed to keep the software up to date but the kernel upgrades are always a little more involved. Today is the day that they were all updated, all the software updated and rebuilt. Optimising the kernels is a little more time consuming and it may take another attempt on my main machines to get rid of any extra drivers and features that are not required.

I wont be suprised to see another kernel released any moment to undo my hard work, its just the way it goes.

Wave Goodbye To WebbAlert

It's unfortunate that my first post in 2009 has to be on this sad topic but I guess it has been on the cards for a few weeks now. The nice twice/thrice weekly tech update presented by Morgan Webb has come to an end. This means her smilling face will be missing from the main page of this site in future. The reason according to webbalert.com is that Morgan has more pressing regular commitments and does not have the time to dedicate to this project. It is certainly a shame and you will be missed. A few minutes of condensed tech news allowed me and others to keep up to speed on world tech happenings. There doesn't appear to be an alternative at the moment :(.

I hope everybody out there who has at some point watched WebbAlert joins me in wishing Morgan all the success in her future projects.

Mailserver Update

I posted a few weeks (possibly months) ago that I would get my guide to setting up a mailserver onto the site. Unfortunately I ran into a few security realted problems that needed to resolved. The good news is I have made plenty of notes of the process and it should just be a case of typing them up.

I hope to have the notes up soon after I have a basic secure working setup. This should take no more than a couple of weeks if I am able to dedicate time to the project.


The site will look more or less the same as it did last time you looked at it, but a few things have been changing. The first thing you will notice is the great big video window after the first post. This is the Webb Report, a regular commentary on the happenings of all things internet related.

The next major change is to the sidebar (to the right). WordPress has supported widgets for a while and I have finally made the sidebar widget aware. This allows for easier modification of the contents of the side bar as well as for some new additions. The order of the sections in the sidebar may change as I try and work out where things look best. If you have any options on this please let me know.

I have also activated the tag support in the site theme. The newer posts are the more likely to have tags although i might add them to some older posts if I go back to modify or update them.

A few minor tweaks that will probably go unnoticed are those to the font declaration in the style sheet. I have attempted to make the site a little more consistent across different browsers and platforms. The one minor bug that was irritating me, now solved, was the position of the time and date in the header when running on Firefox with Linux. There was no gap between the bottom of the text and the border, now there is a little bit of space which makes it look much more presentable.


After making a few changes to problem scripts and my own typos the site is once again Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.