Mailserver – Another Stage Completed

Over the past couple of weeks I have been moving the mailserver project closer to being ready for actual use and another milestone has been passed. I have now reached the stage where my hotmail and gmail accounts are collected onto the server and made availiable via IMAP.

This has not been without problems, I experinced a problem with mail not getting through the spam filter when sent from the local machine but working fine for the exernally received mail. This has now been resolved, although I have to admit I'm not sure how, mainly because I never fully isolated the actual cause of the problem. I suspect it was the system calling the spam filter multiple times whilst processing a single email. Now the next stage is to test how things work for a week or so and watch out for any more bugs.

There is plenty more documentation to write, every thing about the mailserver configuration is full of options to configure it and I want to make sure I have a reference for the future. I still might be on target for having all my other email accounts on the server by the end of the year.

Quick Mailserver Update

I have at long last done a little more work on the mailserver project. The latest thing to report is the addition of dspam to filter out spam. In addition to this clamAV is also integrated.

The next step will be to do some more testing and then plug in another application which should make training and using the spam filter a little easier.

The documentation surrounding the addition of dspam and antivirus to the setup I am working on has been very hard to come by and in some cases is conflicting. Having made significant progress recently I am hoping to eventually have my setup production ready by the end of the year*. *Might as well give myself plenty of time.

I’ve won £650,000

I was pleased to receive and email from an Italian website telling me I have won £650,000. That is very good news as I don't even remember entering anything. To collect my prize all I need to do is send my Name, Address, Age, Sex, Occupation and Telephone number. It sounds too good to be true.

Sadly it is. Although I have to reply to an Italian email address there is nothing to stop the person being in the UK. If I supply them with the details they have requested they can find out when I am out of the house and come round and empty it or gather information for the cloning of my identity. Responding would also single me out as an idiot who could be targeted again in the future.

Beware of things like this; If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.