A New Keyboard

Corsair K70 Keyboard Image

Over the last couple of weeks I have been using my new keyboard, a Corsair K70 (Cherry MX Blue Switches, Red Backlighting). I had been eyeing up a mechanical keyboard for some time; putting off the purchase due to cost. Finally one of my considered options appeared on offer and I finally parted with some cash.

My past couple of keyboards have been from Logitech. The MX3100 Cordless Desktop had served me well from around 2004 until the present. I dabbled with a K270 in 2012 but the spongy feel soon caused me to swap back.

The K70 is solid, it doesn't flex or slide across the desk. The back light will take a little getting used to but can be turned off. The MX Blue switches themselves feel lighter to the touch than I was perhaps expecting. This is no bad thing. The clickyness did worry me slightly as I had originally intended to get the MX Brown switches. The click is noticeable but hardly a problem.

Based on some reviews of the Cherry MX switches I purchased some o'rings to fit to the keys (to stop them bottoming out noisily). The sound of the keys bottoming out didn't really bother me. When trying a few keys with the o'rings fitted I found that I didn't like the reduction in key travel and removed them.

On the whole I like the K70. If I get a decade or more usage out of it like the MX3100 I will be very happy indeed.

Foresight Linux 2.0

I'm always on the lookout for new innovations from the Linux community and today I stumbled across something interesting. Foresight Linux is a relatively new distribution but what differentiates it from the competition is the package manager. In other binary distros upgrading an application involves removing the old package in its entirety and dropping the new one in its place. Foresights Conary package manager takes a different approach and only swaps out the bits which have changed. This makes it more efficient as your saving on the amount of downloading you need to do for a new package.

One of the other benefits Foresight brings is the ability to run a current system without waiting for the new release media. In some ways its like Gentoo without the hassle of compiling everything. It will be going on my list of distros to test when I get some time and I'd suggest anybody looking for an alternative to Ubuntu/Fedora etc. give it a shot.

There is a good initial review here.

Foresight Website.