Aims for 2018

It's that time of year again when I look back over the goals I set myself over the previous year and decide on some new ones for the year ahead. I’m a little late posting this year but I was suffering from a winter cold.

What I intended to do in 2017:

  • Lose weight – Failed, I managed to stay the same for most of the year only to gain weight for Christmas πŸ™
  • Continue work on STM32 development – I have done very little
  • Clear out Garage – A few large items need to go and are still there.
  • Build a new PC – I managed to do this one. About time too.
  • Finish Back Yard – The last step is still waiting to be installed.
  • Buy a new kitchen bin – It didn’t happen.
  • Cook something new – I cooked some duck legs and served with a plum sauce.
  • Eat more healthily – I ate more healthy things but ended up eating more.
  • Perform more data backups – Can always use more.
  • Read more books – I still have a shelf of unread books.
  • Plan Free time – Limited success.

2017 was perhaps a year to forget. Work was busier due to retirements and changes in staffing levels and increasing workload. Getting home from work tired doesn’t result in productive evenings.

What I aim to do in 2018:

  • Lose weight – I have some trousers I would like to fit again.
  • Continue work on STM32 development – I had a new board for Christmas and I need to do something with it.
  • Experiment with CPLD – I found a cheap development board I want to play with.
  • Clear out Garage – The last garage fridge failed so it can now due a full clear out.
  • Go 4k - It might be time to buy a 4k TV or computer monitor.
  • Finish Back Yard – The step will be installed at long last.
  • Eat more healthily – Less chocolate, fat, carbs.
  • Perform more data backups – More off-site backups too.
  • Read more books – I have a shelf of unread books waiting to be read.
  • Plan Free time – Make time for things I want to do.
  • Reduce Netflix use – Spend evenings away from TV
  • Tackle the Rodent Problem – The rats have returned to my loft πŸ™

2018 has many of the same goals as for 2017. The 3 I would like to achieve are losing weight, clearing out the garage and reading more books. If I can manage these 3 then I might find some of the others get done as a result.

Goals for 2008

Happy New Year to all of you out there in internet land; I hope the festivities didn't take their toll.

Instead of resolutions for 2007 I set a few simple goals its time for a look at how I got on.

  1. Contribute more to Open Source Software - It might be writing documentation or code, perhaps just helping other users. ItÒ€ℒs about time I gave back to the community.
  2. Upgrade my PC - A new TFT & GFX card are on the main list, possibly new case fans and another hard disk as the budget allows.
  3. Finish reading the book I started over a year ago - Once I get through it I can start on something else.

The first goal can only be considered a partial success, I didn't contribute to the Open Source community as much as I could have done. This is partly down the the amount of travelling I do but is not a good enough excuse not to do more in 2008. On the positive side my contributions included a few forums posts and my Laptop installation guide. It was only the other day I received a comment on my guide from a person who found it useful. It was nice to have the feeling of helping somebody and it will encourage me to post more (and better) guides in the future.

The second goal was to upgrade my PC with a new TFT and GFX, well I am glad to say I managed that one. I was thinking of a further upgrade in 2008 but the system is still performing well. I threw some new games on it and they run fantastically. The next planned big hardware upgrade will not be until the end of 2008 beginning of 2009.

The third goal was to finish reading a book that kept taunting me with its unfinished status. Well good news, I finished reading it and can now file it away on a remote shelf some place to collect dust.

So I mostly met my goals for 2007 but now its time to set the goals for 2008.

  1. Contribute more to Open Source Software - The same as last year but as I need to do more its the first on my list.
  2. Backup Data - An important thing to do so I need to do a full backup and keep it up to date.
  3. Reduce Carbon Footprint - I have already done a bit to reduce my power consumption, lets see if I can do more.
  4. Try and avoid parking fines and other motoring offences - 2007 was expensive.

Let's see how I get on. Number 4 could be an interesting one to review and will probably summarise how well my year has gone.