Facebook Account Deleted

Today I finally got round to deleting my Facebook account. I have never really been an active user and it has been years since I actually logged in. My only use was to use the “Log in with Facebook” option with a mobile app that I am not too fussed about.

I downloaded an archive of my data. Before I did so I removed all the linked applications that I never use. I was left with a zip file a little over 15MB. The vast majority of this appears to be animated GIFs.

Being such a light user there is nothing left in my archive to make it worth keeping. The major benefit for me will be a reduction in email traffic. No longer will I have to put up with the regular email telling me who is posting and trying to get me to log back in.

If you want to delete your account then you can follow the same guide I used at https://fossbytes.com/how-to-delete-your-facebook-account-permanently/.

Facebook Is Shit

Some people may not understand my dislike of Facebook as a company, today however it is Facebook as a service that is the problem. I don't normally use the popular social networking website due to the privacy policy, the force feeding of advertising and the user profiling. I maintain an account as a just in case option, I am not an active user.

This week I have needed to view a group message on the service regarding an upcoming event. I was hoping for a quick hop on to view the details and then log off again. What I was confronted with was a broken and unusable mess. Attempting to click to view a message greyed out my screen and did nothing. Ok, I am a Linux user using Firefox and the OpenJDK Java runtime, maybe it's my system which is the problem. Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 32&64bit with the official Java runtime and Firefox still presented me with the same problems.

I gave up in the end and had somebody else send me what I needed.

In future if anybody needs to communicate event details to me please just email it.