Gentoo Linux – Toshiba Satellite X200/X205 (part 4)

Time for an update on my progress of installing Gentoo Linux on my Toshiba X200-20S. I have been managing to get audio playing out of the integrated speakers, so I assumed it was all working and setup correctly, wrong. When I tried to plug in my headphones the audio continues to be played out of the speakers. The problem appears to be an unsupported codec chip (ALC286). Now the good news is that support for this chip has been integrated into the 2.6.23 series of kernels. The downside is that they have not yet been marked for testing as gentoo-sources. I could try a vanilla kernel but I'd rather have the gentoo tweaks. Once it's available for testing I shall give it a shot and see if it solves my problems.

Knowing the chip isn't correctly supported could also explain an issue I was having enabling sounds in Gnome and it locking up. This is another thing to test with the new kernel.

I have also been putting some work into the Xorg.conf. Furthur refinements are needed but this version (see below) supports the touchpad a little better, using it as the core pointer, and allows the use of an external USB mouse.
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