The Orange Lives!!!

I heard from my friend David Orange today. Not heard from him in weeks. Had a brief and boring chat. It was so pointless I don't even know why I am bothering blogging this.


I am having a play about with the look of the site at the moment. The site make look a little odd while I am doing this but don't painc. The new look I'm working on is designed to be a little more pleasing to the eye as well as creating the foundations of a look I can build upon.

Somerfield Refit

The refit of Somerfield Ilkeson has begun. I turned up today to find the produce department missing and a big hole in the roof. Still it will all be sorted in a week or two. But its Saturday i'm not looking forward to. Rumour has it that on our busiest day of the week they plan on removing two freezer and two chiller cabinets. Quite how they plan on doing this whilst maintaining customer satisfaction is beyond me, but hey, it aint my fault. Continue reading "Somerfield Refit"

B2 Update Complete

I have finally got round to updating my b2 installation. 🙂
Yes I know I haven't put my hol pics up yet but that is about to change. I have gathered a few snaps off of the digital camera and they will be on the site by the end of next week if all goes to plan. I just need to decide how best to display them.

I’m Back

I'm back finally after two weeks in france. I will be posting a few pics of the trip and a few reviews of the places visited when I get the chance. I have a busy two weeks ahead with revision and two exams but when I'm back at uni i'll have a little more time. The site graphics still need some work and I need to implement the latest B2 release. But other than that things are going to start moving round here. 🙂

Men In Black 2

I found the film to be quite humourous and on a par with the first. Once again Smith and Jones make a fantastic onsreen pairing and there is enough going on in the back ground to keep you interested through iffy plot segments. I would definately recommend it to anybody who has seen the first installment and enjoyed it.

A Delta Nova Rating of 7/10.

Wide Awake

I have discovered the perfect recipie for a wake up drink. 4 spoons of coffee, 2 spoons of sugar and enough hot water to make it drinkable.

For the ultimate caffeine hit use less water and drink it as thick as you like as long as it doesn't stick to the mug.


I think I should get some sleep now. I have been up for hours ad my eyelids are falling shut. Off to see Men In Black 2 later today if all goes to plan. I will post a short review when I get the chance.

Sleep Time Now....zzzzzz

Morning All

After a heavy night of codeing and recoding I have finally managed to get the sidebars into a state where I can start thinking about other site content. The Poll system I plan on using I have used before, I just need the latest version to install and set up. I have been wondering about the best way to put content on the site and what it should be. For now however I am concentrating on the graphical look of the site.