Button Hacking Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3100


2005-04-05 18:59

Out of the box the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3100 is a very functional keyboard and mouse combo. I was disappointed by the 3 audio preset buttons. These were the only 3 buttons that let the package down. By default they can be assigned to online radio stations and playlists in Windows Media Player(WMP). I happen to dislike WMP and the radio stream i listen to broadcasts at a higher bitrate for listening with WinAmp.

After a few hours of use I found another issue with the mouse funcionality with Mozilla Firefox. The forward and back functionality of the thumb button didn’t seem to be working. After some investigation I have compiled the following solution from several sources.

Firefox Solution:

By Richard L. Owens Post on MozillaZine

Add firefox.exe to the “Application Specific Settings” for the default “Forward” and “Back” actions in Logitech SetPoint. The advantage of this solution is that other “Application Specific Settings” will also be in effect, specifically Forward and Back change sheets in MS Excel.

  1. Open SetPoint

  2. Change button 7 to “Forward” and button 8 to “Back”

  3. Make sure “Application Specific Settings” is checked

  4. Click “OK” to close the SetPoint settings window

  5. Right-click the SetPoint icon in the System Trey and select “Exit” to close SetPoint completely

  6. Open “C:Documents and Settings%USERNAME%Application DataLogitechSetPointuser.xml” in your favorite text editor (notepad will work).

  7. Around line 94 you should see this section:

    <appoverride App="hh.exe" HandlerSet="ShiftBackSpace">
        <handler Class="KeyStroke">
            <param KeyName="+{BKSP}"/>

    This sets an application specific override for the HTML Help (hh.exe) program to use Shift+Backspace for the Forward action. Duplicate this section and change “hh.exe” to “firefox.exe”

  8. Around line 150 you should see this section:

    <appoverride App="hh.exe" HandlerSet="BackSpace">
        <handler Class="KeyStroke">
            <param KeyName="{BKSP}"/>

    Duplicate this section and change the “hh.exe” to “firefox.exe” to use Backspace for the Back action in Firefox.

  9. Save the user.xml file and exit editor

  10. Make a copy of user.xml and overwrite the existing Last_user.xml file.

  11. Run “C:Program FilesLogitechSetPointKEM.exe” to reload Logitech SetPoint (or restart Windows).

Preset Button Solution

By M.Tunstall

Close setpoint and open the user.xml file as mentioned above. Locate the preset code (see below)

<button Number="589849" Name="Preset1">
    <param Type="" IconLoc=""/>
    <trigger Class="ButtonPress">
        <param Button="589849" Silent="0" Type="0" RepeatDelay="0" FirstRepeatDelay="0"/>
        <triggerstate Name="ButtonDownUp" HandlerSet="PlaylistAssignment">
            <handler Class="PresetBtns">
                <param MMPlaylist="" MMRadioStation="" LongPressTime="600" ITTrackNumber="0"/>

Replace above code with the code below. Changing button numbers as required.

Preset1 = 589849
Preset2 = 589850
Preset3 = 589851

The changes to the code allow the buttons to launch a link or program. This too can be changed as required. In the example below Preset3 is linked to a WinAmp Playlist file.

<button Number="589851" Name="Preset3">
    <param Type="HOTKEY" IconLoc="Devices\Keyboard\CommonIcons\Burn"/>
    <trigger Class="ButtonPress">
        <param Button="589851" Silent="0" Type="0" RepeatDelay="0" FirstRepeatDelay="0"/>
        <triggerstate Name="ButtonDownUp" HandlerSet="LaunchProgram">
            <handler Class="FileLauncher">
                <param FileName="C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Totally Sweet Radio.m3u" Parameters="" ShowUIDlg="1" Title="Select Program" BrowseType="1" LookupPath="0" Name="Totally Sweet Radio"/>

On completing the modifications save the user.xml and Last_user.xml files before restarting setpoint.