Damn You ISR!

I am sat here on a Sunday evening trying to debug embedded C/C++. For the most part all has been going well and the code has been behaving as expected. I have however run into one of my least favourite problems, the interrupt service routine (ISR). I have a couple of ISR's and they are presenting an unexpected start-up condition. The flow of the main body of the code is fine. I just can't understand why I am getting the current output.

All these problems take me back to a traffic light program I wrote at University. That worked fine for most of the sequence only to be tripped up by an ISR along the way and ending up in a stuck state. Not what you want from a set of traffic lights, especially if you find yourself stuck in the queue behind the red light.
Luckily there wasn't a green light & green man situation with the pedestrians finding themselves in the role of Frogger.

Only one solution for this situation; single malt.

Aims for 2005 – How did I do?

Back in January I posted up the following aims for the year. I decided I might achive some aims rather than fail at new years resolutions.

1. Pass my driving test
2. Get my degree in Electronics & Communications Systems Engineering
3. Reduce my mass
4. Get a Job
5. Build a new PC
6. Post more on the site
7. Get out more

So how did it go?

It's all gone quite well, I passed my driving test (5th time) and now have a bright red Toyota Yaris. I graduated from university with a 2:1. Since October I have been cutting back on the alcohol and snacks and have lost 2 stone in weight, some of which has gone back on due to Christmas but I'm still down on what I was. I failed to get a full time job, but did manage a Christmas temp postition at Comet, a local electrical goods retailer. Building a new PC has been held up due to lack of funding, but thats the only reason. Posting more on the site, ok ok, I probably failed on that aim. Getting out more, again not a huge success but I have made an effort to go out for a drink every now and again.

In conclusion the only failures were not getting a fulltime job, building a new pc and posting more on the site. I don't think I have done bad. If I can manage the same percentage of aims in 2006 I'll be happy.

The Week That Was

It's been a different type of week. Not really a bad week but one where stuff occurred that usually doesn't. It being half term for the school kids seemed to have upset the balance of Nottingham city centre. Monday I wandered away from the university building to mix with the rest of the public. I wish I hadn't bothered. The place was full of people, trying to wander about was incurred the same level of difficulty as the Christmas shopping usually does.

Greggs was chosen as the establishment to provide me with nourishment. On arrival at the front of the queue I was greeted by one of the extra members of 'brain dead' staff. I asked for a Jumbo Sausage Roll and a Sausage and Bean Melt. Nothing complicated about that. I exchanged currency for afore mentioned goods and proceeded back to the safety of the pub. I removed the sausage roll from its paper bag and was immediately disappointed by the fact it wasn't the jumbo one requested. I couldn't be bothered to go back and complain. On finalising the consumption of the sausage roll I proceeded to the next item. The pastry case had retained a reasonable amount of heat, whilst ensuring the inside of my mouth wouldn't be thermally removed whilst eating it. I sunk my teeth in expecting the sausage and bean sensation to be exciting my taste buds. But no, my taste buds were instead treated to some vegetable based rubbish with an unpleasant after taste. Half of that was enough for it to be discarded. I wasn't a happy consumer. Greggs needs to work on improving its staff. It can't be that difficult to pick the right items, can it? My next Greggs encounter was at another outlet and the service there was much better, I got what I wanted. So will I still purchase from Greggs? Yes, just not from specific incompetent fools that work there.

Tesco didn't rate much better either this week. An evening shopping trip left a choice of tills to go to. The first was loaded up with a female shopper with a trolley full of products and staffed by a woman. The second staffed by a man had a couple of blokes at it with about 5 items each. Based on my experiences working at Somerfield tills operated by women serving women tend to operate slower as operator and customer tend to engage in a little conversation. Tills operated by men serving men operate quickly as there is no conversation and everybody wants to get the whole buying experience over and done with. So I selected the second till. I was disgusted by the fact the two operators kept turning around and talking to each other whilst in the middle of serving customers. The conversation wasn't work related. Idle chat should be saved for the absence of customers to serve. I was forced to wait a longer period of time to get through the till as a result. I suggest Tesco monitor their staff and attempt to eliminate such practices amongst its staff.

The week also featured a programming assignment at Uni. Whilst an interesting task it began to do my head in. Spending 2 full days sitting in front of a terminal screen pulling my hair out was not ideal. But it needed to be done. On the plus side I have not slept so well in ages. The constant stress of trying to get it finished and sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours on end can really drain your energy.

The week has been so unusual that the daily updates of the computers to the gentoo portage tree were abandoned. All this has resulted in the need to compile quite a few new updates today. The only thing I think I can do to save this week is spending this evening in front of the TV with a beer.

Time I could have spent sleeping

Today I went back to Uni ready to start working again. A 9am start on a monday requires me to leave the house earlier than normal and to catch an earlier bus. This means getting up earlier than usual.

On arriving at Uni I met up with Rob and had a chat over a nice fried breakfast. We made our way to the lecture. Nobody turned up, not that unusual. People often filter in a little late monday mornings. We were then alerted to the fact the lecture wasnt starting till 12, 3 hours later.

If I had known about this delay I would have caught a later bus. I pay to learn. I expect to be able to. The delay wasn't even communicated via email. The only communication method generally available over the xmas holiday. I wandered aimlessly around Nottingham for several hours. I had to take part in market research to use my time up. Engineers should not be doing market research, thats something for multimedia students to do.

People Waste My Time

I come online of an evening to discuss project details with a group(Harry&Ed). Rather than participate in some meaningful conversation they indulged themselves with insulting everybody in the chat room. Some people in society are not worth knowing. But alas they are needed to maintian some kind of social balance at the expense of the gene pool.

The project may find its way to a conclusion before the deadline. Who knows?

Note to self: Install a copy of Norton Antichav to remove riff-raff from the system.

My life in pointless detail

I was informed today that I have not put across my opions of a few things for quite some time. So here goes.

This morning followed a bad night. The air, lacking in its usual moisture content, rendering my thoat partially inoperable. Coughing up the buildup of mucus that had accumulated overnight, I proceeded to the bus. I noticed that the patch of mucus deposited on the street on Monday was still refusing to die.

The bus stop was busy with the college students. I'm sure they must be art or multimedia, very little sense eminates from their direction. The bus driver must have been having a bad day. I asked for my supersaver ticket, due to my planned afternoon return. I was informed that this could not be issued at that time in the morning and I would need a different fare. I paid up anyway. No point in arguing over a bus fare. I checked my ticket to find this new ticket was 50p cheaper than the one I had planned to buy. Trent Barton could have had another 50p out of me. Whats going on?? In this day and age companies should be making money every way they can, not giving cheap fares away.

The rest of the journey was uneventful. That was apart from a diverted route due to a car accident.

Breakfast at Uni was let down by the fact they egg had been under the heat lamp for too long and had solidified. The tomatoes could have been a bit warmer too. Meeting with Tom Stait (miserable git who is never up for a night out) solved a problem regarding voltage protection for microprocessors.

What followed was 3 hours of sometimes boring, mind destroying yet inspirational lectures. I left with a feeling that I still don't have the faintest clue what is needed for the assignment for it.

Lunch went as well as breakfast. Upon asking for a cheese burger I got one minus cheese. Really for the ammount i spend on food in that place they could atleast get my order right. The only positive event to occur at lunch was the rather shapely female sitting across the room. Now she could fill out a pair of jeans perfectly. It was during this observation that myself and Will Jagger lost track of the conversation we were having to concentrate on the more important things. Will was lucky enough to see the denim clad rear in all its glory as its owner bent over to retirve something from the floor. Myself situated round a corner missed said action. The aforementioned denim did slip slightly to reveal a green thong. Will was forced to shut his mouth at this point as the dripping of his drool on the metal table was disturbing the other diners. The conversation kind of continued, occasional pauses were needed to admire the perfect arse. We even established that her face looked nice, which was a bonus.

The library was the next port of call. I needed to partake in some research. The library good for the two B's, Books & Birds. The library was too warm for my liking. I stood their sweating whilst my head was burried in a book on various networking protocol. My research lead me to take one of the hugest most weighty volumes home. It's vast mass straining the stap of my bag.

The journey home and the rest of the evening was normal. Nothing special to report on that. Although I can probably waffle on about it long enough that you might think something did. But no, not this time.

A Nice Evening

I have just returned from a pleasent evening in the company of two good friends. Matt G. and Will J. ,otherwise known as the comical duo, were a pleasure to be with. I do however blame 'Reflex' (a bar) for having an offer of two bottles for £3. This has tipped the scales and turned me from merry into a blundering fool. If all goes to plan I shall arise in about 7 hrs time and get on the bus to uni none the worse for wear. Fingers Crossed.


I went for an Interview at Hitachi today. From what I can tell the job would suit me perfectly. Hopefully I presented myself well and this one will have a positive outcome.

1 down several to go

Well today I sat my exam for Microelectronic Systems. It did a great deal to panic me into doing more revison for the next exams. Still fingers crossed I will have passed.

Becky was as keen and eager about the exam as the rest of us.

Such a strain on the system, the exam left poor Matt drained of energy.

Still some suffered more than others.

The pub was the place to recover with Beanie and Rob

Rob however looks somewhat distubing, kinda like some dark spirit in some horror film.
Maybe a better pic is needed.

Well roll on friday, and Electrical Drive Machines and Control.

A short morning

It was a short morning at uni today with only a brief revision session.
Still Jeff showed his face again (See Below) and he has termed me "Matt the Breakfast" might be because I eat breakfast at uni each morning.


Mr Jagger and Mr Gascoigne were a no show.

But Tom was here

Isn't a digital camera great. Watch out people, your face could appear soon 😀