Review Comming Soon

I will soon be reviewing the new Bond film. I watched it this evening but i dont have time to comment on it at the moment. 😕

Phat Sound

I got my new speakers yesterday 🙂 (about time too). They are Logitech z-560's. 400W rms of pure, clean, crisp and deep sound. The bass is wonderfully strong and I can see why this set is THX certified. Plus if that wasn't enough the volume control is back lit with blue leds. Now thats quality for you.

Its me again

Yes I know I haven't been posting as regularly as I like to. The thing is that recently I have been very busy and have not had the time or the energy to blog. I had one good week of blogging a few weeks ago and I'm gonna try and make sure there are a few more like it.

As far as the site goes at the moment things are stirring inmy mind over what to do next. I think you will aggree that the last template mod i tried was a tad unsuccessful. Well things are gonna change again.
The plan this time is to keep the current layout as a basic theme. I plan to put in a title page allowing either access to this theme or to the other design layout I'm planning. Effectively two sites in one, you lucky people you. Along with the same stuff as is displayed at present more pages offering other delights will emerge from the depths of my creativenesnes.

So keep your eyes peeled for changes.


It appears I haven't posted in the last few days8O. Sorry about this its just that I have been a little busy and have needed all the sleep i could get. Things should change though and I will try to get my posts back ontrack. 😀


Just moments ago the house shook with a low frequncy rumble. At first I thought it was a heavy item falling but it looks now to be of similar origins to the small quake which occured less than a year ago.

Turns out it was just a small tremor of 4.8 on the Richter Scale.

Busy few days

Well my new CD-RW has arrived along with my 120Gb HDD. They have been installed and hardware swapped between my machines. I will need to update my system specs on this page.

The reinstallation of win2k sp3 is going well and on the plus side I have finally got win2k ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) working, yay 🙂

I have spoken with Will Jagger (a northerner) and we will perhaps be going on a drinking experdition to Nottingham.

I need to go and see Signs at the cinema at some point and tidy my room. Got to go to work in a few hours. The gimps have left me facing up to do for an hour when i get there, typical. The shop is supposed to open in a week and it still looked a dump on thursday. They put me on the dairy for 6 hrs that day 🙁

I need sleep

I’m Back

I'm back finally after two weeks in france. I will be posting a few pics of the trip and a few reviews of the places visited when I get the chance. I have a busy two weeks ahead with revision and two exams but when I'm back at uni i'll have a little more time. The site graphics still need some work and I need to implement the latest B2 release. But other than that things are going to start moving round here. 🙂

Testing again

Well i am just playing about with template design at this stage. I am trying to find a text effect converter i saw.