4am is a time of day I don't often experience and after this morning I know why. Note to self: When agreeing to take people to the airport make sure they have their travel times worked out.

Following the drop at the local airport I ventured into work for some overtime. Being at work on a Saturday isn't most people's idea of a weekend, but at 5:30am it was hardly the place I wanted to be either. Logging a few jobs I spent the rest of my day feeling shattered, even the odd snooze failed to restore my normal cognitive functions. At least the ironing got done. Tomorrow I can have some extra sleep and take it easy.

Google Plus

Over the past few weeks I have found myself using Google+ more and more. I've never been a fan of Facebook and the idea of using a social network built around avoiding some of the Facebook missteps was more appealing. Certainly alot of my friends are not on Google+ but most of the people on Facebook I have added I never speak to anyway.

So what do I like, well maybe I trust Google more than Facebook with regards to privacy and business models. The interface is cleaner and integrates into other Google services that I use. The users of Google+ at this stage are to me more interesting to follow as they are more technology/science/engineering focused. That's not to say that you need to be part of one of these groups to appreciate it. The interface for sharing and communicating I find more appealing. I have yet to use it to its full extent but its there when I need it.

Body Parts

A friend
It's interesting when people send me body parts. One day I might have enough separate pics to view the whole person.

A Nice Evening

I have just returned from a pleasent evening in the company of two good friends. Matt G. and Will J. ,otherwise known as the comical duo, were a pleasure to be with. I do however blame 'Reflex' (a bar) for having an offer of two bottles for £3. This has tipped the scales and turned me from merry into a blundering fool. If all goes to plan I shall arise in about 7 hrs time and get on the bus to uni none the worse for wear. Fingers Crossed.

Somehow I’ve done it again

I try to be a good friend but it always goes wrong somewhere. They stop speaking to me and I don't know what I have done. Damn the internet and the rest of the human race. I'm better off with no friends at all.


I went out down Notts last night. It was nice to see Heather. It's just a shame I find it hard to talk to her in person. I want to get a noce pic of her before i go away. There is something about that girl that makes me happy and gives me a feeling of completeness.

I danced my ass off in the works. It's a pity i didnt get anywhere near the stunning girl on the dance floor :(.
There were about 2 girls the perect height for me. Neither would give me the time of day. Well I enjoyed myself anyway. I'm no fun to hang out with but I enjoy myself from time to time.

Much respect goes to the chaps in the toilets at the works. Usually they charge £1 for a spray of some aftershave. I managed to get a free spraying. Although it wasnt enough to get the ladies it was a confidence booster.

Sod the world. Stuff the women. Shoot me now whilst I'm on a high. I dont want to go though the high/low emotions. Just send me out on a high and I'll be happy.

This fucked up mind has been brough to you by Tunk productions. T-Shirts available at the kiosk. 🙂

Wise Words

Last night in a moment of desperation about exams, I recieved some wise words from Heather.

Work hard for 10 minutes to get you into the swing of things.
Do something constructive for 4 hours each day and spend the rest of the time doing what you want to do.

Well I was inspired. Heather is somebody special. She has a way of putting your mind at ease.
I'm now off todo 4 hrs of somethig constructive.

Today I lost a friend

It started off yesterday night as just being depressing me making a comment to Heather and leaving a post on the site. I did it so i could escape and do some work. It progressed into me sending a few tastless text messages to Heather after she wondered where I had gone.

I dont know what made me do it but I decided to turn it into an April Fools prank. It couldnt have backfired more. Sure all the people that Heather had collected during the evening fell for the story at just past 12 this morning that I had in fact slit my wrists open and had been at the hospital for several hours.

My regret is that I offended Heather and I took advantage of her warm and caring personality. I cannot appoligise to her enough for what I did.

Heather, I'm sorry