Horrible Day

Lucious Lisa

Well what a horrible day it has turned out to be. Unlucky for some hey....
Its ok for me i have to stay in anyway. I do not really have anything to write on this posting today, but one thing i do want to say is, if anyone is ever gona have there tonsils out make sure you think about it properly, as this time last week i would have just had my tonsils out and boy it hurt, i sught infectione which made it worse and am still fighting it off, tonsiletimy is one of the most horrid things to have done.

Well even about me as i know i'll be boring people. Hope everyone had a good easter.
bye now!! 😉


The French


Stupid Garlic eating losers, I think the reason they wont help us kick f**k outta Saddam was summed up when Chirac said "As far as I'm concerned, war always means failure..."

What a nonce, makes me wanna laugh at the french (refuse to give them a capital letter) So here's a few jokes i nicked from some website...

How many gears does a French tank have?

Five, four in reverse and one forward (in case of attack from behind).

FOR SALE: French rifles . . . never fired, only dropped once.

What do you call 100,000 Frenchmen with their hands up?

The army.

Why are French streets tree lined?

So the Germans can march in the shade.

How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris?

No one knows, it's never been tried.

I'm all for getting Saddam, with the technology we're using over there civillian casulties will be kept to an absolute minimum which is good considering it's not Iraq we're at war with it's Hussain. There wasn't as much as an uproar when Adolf carpet bombed London for 3 years and killed hundreds of thousands was there?

Oh well, he'll be dead within days 🙂


Lucious Lisa

Today's highlights.....well there hasn't really been any. Had a day of decorating Andy p's bedroom and also watching him getting his hair in paint and tripping up the paint tub....lol.

Just one mention to Paul about my last posting.....Leave me and andy to our relationship i do not think its any of your business to say what we do with each other plus the word marriage.....where the hell did you get that from??? Coz i am not getting married for along time yet......So all i can say is keep that big nose out of people's business....thanx!!!!

Other things is i am happy to see my big friend TUNK happy after so long 😀 well done tunky babe!!!


True Love

Lucious Lisa

Well i haven't wrote a page for a while so i just thought i'd write one today seen as my day has consisted of absolutely nothing at all.
But i also want to say one thing which i'm not in the slightest bit ashamed of and that is "i have fallen in love with Mr.a.plumridge....which people will will know him by Andy p.....but as Peck my friend knows him by ickle bott bott now.... 😀
Andy when you read this i want you to know......I LOVE YOU!!!
Well hope everyone is having a good weekend?!!!


She’s Back

Luscious Lisa

Todays highlights are that i did bugger all, although toda i took my grandma out for a pub lunch seen as it was her birthday, then went shopping with my old cow (mother), and then came home and then did bugger all again,
Life is very depressing at the moment, When you think you wished you was at home and not at work think again being at home is worse then being at work....believe me! I really want a job....anyone have any GOOD ideas not stupid ideas on where i could get a job???
Mr.andy p has gone out on piss tonight with little old titch 🙁
Am having to go down to Portsmouth this weekend to see my dear old brother and his "lovey" house mates....Not! And my stupid cow (mother) tells me am going to be back late Monday so i can only go out in the evening for Andy's birthday...man she really knows how to wreck things!!
Hope everyone else is having a steady life, oh and exciting!
While me and Tunky baby are just giving each other advice on how to be happy!!! ;D

Anyway its time to go pack my case!
Bye for now give you the news on Monday night!!


More words from Peej

The Peej

Life's fairly boring lately, blocked and deleted by heather and blocked and unblocked at least twice a day by Tunk leaves me mostly talking on MSN to Anthony, which isn't a bad thing but he's doing the unthinkable and getting himself a life away from the internet. As I haven't got a mouse still I can't spend my time playing on Championship Manager or looking at rude pictures so I need some kind of hobby. I'll leave it to the 2 or 3 people who frequent this site to help me out,

Should I:

End it all, life's shit anyway, I'm 19, life's only going downhill from here anyway...

Maybe try some kind of Polo, horse, water, mint, spearmint or citrus burst, I don't mind.

Live the dream. Stalk Pauline Fowler.

Or maybe just carry on sitting here, adding more random people to my list as fast as the old one's block me, if possible.

This isn't any kind of poll, just a few idea's to help you on your way...


Luscious Lisa

Here we go folks, another columnist. Lets hope this one writes more than one article.

Luscious Lisa

Well i am a new Columnist and a very good one too. You'll know me by being Mr.Andy p's bird.
Today's highlights are nothing really just that i went into the wonderful city of Derby to collect some holiday brochures for Mr.Andy p and myself, as we are thinking of taking a nice romantic holiday for my birthday.
My bedroom got raided with the vaccum and polish....Scary! My friend decided to come round and tell me what a good looking Chap Andy is but when i went to tell Andy he was having none of it.
I am privillaged to be part of Hunky Tunks website.
Hope you like my Welcoming.


Another Columnist

Delta Nova welcomes, Paul aka Peej.


A combination of listening to the missus's words of 'wisdom' and reading through an oldish issue of FHM got me thinking about how stupid girls are.

"Do people who celebrate Ramadan celebrate Christmas?"

Me: "It finishes in an hour, must be half time."
Missus: "No, it's just started, Rugby only lasts an hour and a half."

"Ooohh, Family Fortunes is on, It's not hosted by 'Des Lennis' no more though."

These are just a few of "Laura's Gem's" which would need a website of it's own to show in full. I would make this website myself, honest, I'm totally capable but I have no mouse. That's right, no mouse, broke the fucker. And now Tunk wont tell me where he lives, reckons I'm gonna come round and nick one of his, I don't think we're going to end the day as friends, well, as people who thankfully have never met yet for some reason talk bollex on msn...

Can't be arsed to write nowt else, got better things to do on a Sunday... 😳

Delta Nova welcomes “The Judge”


Well… today has been yet another boring, crap day, nothing to do other than sit at the computer, pondering why things are like they are, pointless things like, Why is an orange, called an orange, and its actually the colour orange too! And why you still put up with this annoyingly shit charade of things, sat online, talking to a bunch of cunts that you really can’t stand!
But it hasn’t all been bad…
Got myself into the odd ‘interesting’ conversation with the tunkster, on various pointless subjects…
None as interesting as a conversation had with him a few days ago… we got on to the topic of sock organisation… - I was shocked to discover that Tunk colour co-ordinated his… rather than my preferred way of organising them by date of purchase (this way, you know where your oldest socks are, and see when they need replacing).
However, this discussion then took an unexpected diversion, when tunk asked the question… “So, you don’t yank it?” – well, what could I say to this? I went with the ‘make humour of the situation’ – “well you know me… just like the shuttle… 7 yanks and I explode all over the place ;)” he took my 7 yanks serious, and told me I have issues with my stamina… I then proceeded to explain that whilst shaking coconuts from the veiny love tree, I picture Lisa Riley in my mind… only this doesn’t have the desired effect of making me last longer, I just climax quicker…
He then tried to help me work out whether this is because I have a fascination for Lisa Riley… or if its because my body is trying to get rid of this image…
Either way, I was scared at the interest he took in my Penis…

SOOO… I ask you lot out there… is Tunk a Mud Driller in hiding?
That would be a NO!!! (Quantum aka Tunk)