6.5 Years

It has been a long wait, a day that I never thought I would see. This week I was finally able to obtain a parking permit and actually park on-site at work during the week. 6.5 years I have had my name on the waiting list. For all those years I have had an additional commute to a off-site parking spot, walking from and to the car before and after work.

Early indications show that I am saving around 30 minutes a day. Not being stuck in as much queuing traffic is going to result in a slight fuel saving. None of this comes for free however. I get to pay for the privilege of saving myself some time. I suspect the real reason for finally getting a pass is the extra income generated by charging more people. I may have a permit but I am not guaranteed a space to park. So far I have not had a problem finding a place.

To all those people who find that I have taken their parking spot and now park off-site; enjoy the walk!

Car Insurance Renewal

It is that time of year again when I find my car Insurance Premium has risen by £90 for no apparent reason. What with car maintenance and fuel this driving lark is getting expensive.

Mileage Update

The first refill of the new Yaris has been completed. The 1.4 diesel consuming machine managed a respectable 68mpg this week. The former petrol 1.0 on the same route managed 52mpg. The improvement in the fuel consumption means I only need to fill up on a Friday rather than mid-week. This also means a saving in actual fuel costs, saving money is great.

New Car

This month it finally happened, I replaced my car. The 2001 Toyota Yaris had reached 161k miles and although running fine had a couple of expensive wear and tear bits to correct and an MOT due. So it has been replaced by a 2005 Yaris in Black (This one has all the paint on). Fuel efficiency is unknown at the moment but by the end of the week when it gets filled up I will know if I'm going to be better off or not.