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Category: 2021

October Update Matthew Tunstall |
This is my first blog post in some time so I’ll provide an update on a few things. Why so long since the last update? I’ve been having a very busy time at work (healthcare) due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and additional responsibilities. I’ve lacked the enthusiasm to sit at the computer and work on things. Instead Netflix and Amazon Prime have taken over. Hopefully with the winter months approaching I will be at the computer a little more.
October Update 2 Matthew Tunstall |
I’m currently experimenting with using rsync over ssh to update the site. My hope is that by having a scripted command to push updates to the site I can do them more often with less effort. After my first attempt at running the command to upload this post I am happy to report that it worked and took seconds. This might be due to it being a file updated by ABlog rather than Sphinx as a whole.
A Few Fixes Matthew Tunstall |
Headings Some of the headings were a little oversized for the body text. Hopefully these are now a better size. I’ve also changed the font-weight back to bold to make them stand out. Sphinx Build I was getting frustrated at the time it was taking Sphinx to build the site. I had been looking around for solutions/alternatives. It was only after digging into the build options and looking back over my Makefile that I found my bottleneck.