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Wave Goodbye To WebbAlert

It’s unfortunate that my first post in 2009 has to be on this sad topic but I guess it has been on the cards for a few weeks now. The nice twice/thrice weekly tech update presented by Morgan Webb has come to an end. This means her smilling face will be missing from the main page of this site in future. The reason according to is that Morgan has more pressing regular commitments and does not have the time to dedicate to this project. It is certainly a shame and you will be missed. A few minutes of condensed tech news allowed me and others to keep up to speed on world tech happenings. There doesn’t appear to be an alternative at the moment :(.

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The site will look more or less the same as it did last time you looked at it, but a few things have been changing. The first thing you will notice is the great big video window after the first post. This is the Webb Report, a regular commentary on the happenings of all things internet related.

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