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A New Computer

This month I gave up on waiting and ordered the remaining parts for a new PC. The build process was as easy as expected. Having learnt my lesson of having to maintain a system over many years; I took my time when routing the cables around the case. The result is one of the tidiest case layouts I’ve ever put together. Less obstacles means cleaner airflow inside the case and less noise.

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Big Site Upgrade

Some of you may have noticed that the site has been behaving a little odd tonight. This is due to the big step of migrating from the b2 backend to wordpress. Wordpress is based on b2, which is why the upgrade hasn’t gone totally smoothly. The archives are down and the categories have aquired spots from somewhere. I was planning to play about with the layout/design a bit, all the problems will be solved then. Until that time let me know of any major errors and i’ll try to correct them.

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