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The Accidental Screenshot

Whilst having a clean up of files I noticed a number of screen shots I had taken over the past 12 months. In total 12 screen shots, only one of which I actually intended to take. So what is the big deal about 11 unwanted screen shots? Well those 11 images add up to 16.3MB in size. Not a huge amount when you think of hard disk sizes in the terabytes but its still additional unwanted data that gets included in my backups. It is interesting however that I seem to accidentally hit the print screen key about once per month on average.

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Rat Hole

The scenes of the aftermath of my exploitative kitchen destruction in pursuit of vermin. During my time lying on my side gazing into the cavernous hole in the wall I was taunted by my nemesis. Twitching whiskers a pointed snout of brown fur and an eye of darkness appeared before me. Out of reach it looked directly at me, with a cheeky grin it knew it was out of my reach. The battle has ended in a minor victory for me, advancing the front line past the first line of defences. The terrain ahead of me will pose a serious issue for I cannot follow the path my enemy treads. I shall ready the weapons of war and plan my attack. I have him under siege now, my victory in this war edges ever closer.

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The Sexiest PC Ever!!!

This is ORAC3. I have included one picture here. I suggest you take a look at the closeups. The attention to detail on this thing are incredible. It truely is a work of art. Its as near to a perfect looking pc as I can imagine.

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