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The Legacy Email Problem

Over the years, like many other people, I have obtained numerous email accounts/addresses. Trying to manage all these used to be a problem so a few years back I began to condense them down into the few I actually use.

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Google Plus

Over the past few weeks I have found myself using Google+ more and more. I’ve never been a fan of Facebook and the idea of using a social network built around avoiding some of the Facebook missteps was more appealing. Certainly alot of my friends are not on Google+ but most of the people on Facebook I have added I never speak to anyway.

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Is Google Getting Too Big Too Quickly?

A few years ago now Google was, for me, just a search engine. It performed well and as time went by nice new features began to appear. Little things, like being able to type in a calculation or conversion and recieve an answer. Useful tools in a plain interface that loaded quickly.

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