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Git Hub - Codecolorer

I have been using Git for version control on my own machine for a little while now. I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do but it is still useful to me. I have had an account on Git Hub for a while and have been meaning to either start or contribute to a project. I noticed that one of the syntax highlighting projects I use had not been updated in a while. So I forked the Codecolorer code and applied some updates. My intent is that these changes get pulled back into the main project. In the mean time my version of the codecolorer wordpress plugin is available here .

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Git – Version Control

Until very recently I had never used any sort of version control system. I was aware of the existence of Git, SVN, CVS, Darcs, Mercurial etc. but never needed to use any. A version control system is a setup where by the changes to a set of files are tracked over time. This enables a timeline of the projects history to see what changes were made when and by whom. It allows for multiple people to work on a project and submit changes and patches.

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