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Bedroom Temperature

Now that the winter months are upon us getting out of bed in the morning has become more of a chore. The difference in room/duvet temperature is difficult to overcome. It would appear that a room temperature of 18-22 C is recommended for a good nights sleep. I might have a go at putting it to the test.

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Too Cold To Freeze

Last night I made the unwelcome discovery that my garage has been reaching the low low temperature at which my freezer stops cooling and starts warming. What made the discovery more unwelcome was my arrival back from the supermarket with a selection of goods to freeze. Rearranging a few items and consuming half a crispy duck; most of my provisions had been relocated. Tonight however was the big pizza bake. Three frozen pizzas (or thawed in this case) went in the oven. Stuffing my face I was still left with a remainder to go into the fridge. Tomorrow I have the option of 2 more pizzas or a pork dish for 4 people. It now appears that the freezer in the kitchen isn’t too happy either. I wasn’t planning on it but it’s a weekend of Man V. Food.

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