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Planning for Halloween

This is not a post about carving a face into a pumpkin or preparing some form of scary costume. It is about my planning to avoid Halloween entirely.

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Lack Of Bins & Placement

In my previous post I outlined in a somewhat comic fashion the note I had found in my bin with regards to its placement on a pavement. The note had been placed there for good reason as a number of bins mine included had been strewn about. Now that was some weeks back and ever since the bin has been moved back and neatly positioned to allow for clear passage. Due to the bins location and the sloped bank and steps at the rear of my property it has not been practical to bring them inside the property boundary for health and safety reasons. I don’t want to fall down steps with a heavy bin on me. So they have been sitting there happily until today.

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The bin in my room is emptied Sunday morning so it can be put in the dustbin ready for monday morning collection. During the rest of Sunday I manage to generate enough rubbish to fill it again. It remains at this fullness for the rest of the week. It’s madness. Does anybody else have this bin problem❓️

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