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This is my blog where I update occasionally about why I haven’t been updating the site on a regular basis.

Syntaxhighlight Matthew Tunstall |

I having been playing around with Hugo to generate the site for a little while. There are still many things on the TODO list but I’m working through it. One of the things I wanted to try was syntax highlighting. I want to eventually achieve a similar style to my Sphinx site. But first I need to work out how to do it.

Everything Is Breaking Matthew Tunstall |
The title says it all really. Everything is breaking this week. I’ve spent a good few days trying to solve my lack of hot water, the immersion heater wasn’t doing its job. It’s not easy to work out if you have fixed it when it you are waiting for the Economy7 electricity in the middle of the night. In the end it was a faulty bit of flex that needed to be replaced, not the fuse or resetting of the thermal trip.
Moving To Hugo Matthew Tunstall |
At the beginning of 2021 I took the big step to move away from WordPress into the world of static site generators. I moved the whole site over to using Sphinx with the ABlog add on. This has been working well although I spent a lot of time trying to work out how to add customisation into the mix. This has was the most frustrating part. I knew the HTML/CSS I wanted to use to create the style elements I wanted but getting it into place where Sphinx was happy with it was more of a challenge than I was expecting.
HelloWorld Matthew Tunstall |
Hello World! This is the first post on my Hugo site.
October Update Matthew Tunstall |
This is my first blog post in some time so I’ll provide an update on a few things. Why so long since the last update? I’ve been having a very busy time at work (healthcare) due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and additional responsibilities. I’ve lacked the enthusiasm to sit at the computer and work on things. Instead Netflix and Amazon Prime have taken over. Hopefully with the winter months approaching I will be at the computer a little more.
October Update 2 Matthew Tunstall |
I’m currently experimenting with using rsync over ssh to update the site. My hope is that by having a scripted command to push updates to the site I can do them more often with less effort. After my first attempt at running the command to upload this post I am happy to report that it worked and took seconds. This might be due to it being a file updated by ABlog rather than Sphinx as a whole.