Aims for 2019

It’s that time of year again when I look back over the goals I set myself over the previous year and decide on some new ones for the year ahead.

What I intended to do in 2018:

  • Lose weight – Fail, I have put weight on.

  • Continue work on STM32 development – Pass. I didn’t get around to using the development board I had planned to use. Instead I continued working with the STM32F103 boards I had. I managed to make my own Christmas lights with an LED strip and conducted some experiments with stepper motors.

  • Experiment with CPLD – Fail. Whilst I have the board available I have not yet had a cause to use it.

  • Clear out Garage – Pass. I cleared out all of the large items in the garage. There is more room but it still needs a good sort out and perhaps a workbench and some shelves.

  • Go 4k – Pass. I have a 4k computer monitor, it has been very useful for programming as I can get more readable code on the screen. The 4k TV was delayed due to cost.

  • Finish Back Yard – Fail. I still need to put the last step in.

  • Eat more healthily – Fail. This is probably related to my weight gain.

  • Perform more data backups – Fail. Not done as many backups as I would have liked to.

  • Read more books – Fail. I am still reading but progress has been slow.

  • Plan Free time – Pass. I have made time to do a few things when I have wanted to do them. There is always room for improvement.

  • Reduce Netflix use – Fail. I blame Netflix for having too much good content to watch.

  • Tackle the Rodent Problem – Fail. They are still there. I fear this is a battle I cannot win.

2018 was an OK year. But there is much room for improvement in 2019.

What I intend to do in 2019:

  • Lose Weight & Eat Healthily - Yes, it’s back on the list as a combined goal but it needs to be.

  • Continue STM32 Development – There are more projects I want to work on and I may yet create something useful.

  • Buy A 4k TV – Hopefully the expensive TV from 2018 will have dropped to a price that is within my budget.

  • Watch Less TV – An odd choice if I am planning on getting a new TV but a goal that will hopefully have me doing other things.

  • Read More books – My reading list is growing and I need to make some progress.

  • Work Less Overtime – Whilst working some overtime brings in extra cash I have probably been doing too much. I would end up with more free time as a result.

  • More Website Updates – I have not been updating the website as much I should. I am thinking of project documentation as possible content.

  • Increase Savings – Buying a car this year put a dent in my savings and they need building back up.

  • Contribute To An Open Source Project – There are lots of projects I benefit from. There should be something I can give back, even if it is as simple as providing information for a bug report.

  • Write Something In Python – I have spend a lot of time writing C++ for the STM32 and have neglected Python. I should write something to keep myself up to date.

For 2019 there is one must achieve goal and that is to lose weight. All the other goals would be nice extras. At the time of writing I am around 93kg. The first step in the weight loss program is to get under 90kg and stay there. Any improvement on that will be a big success.