Aims for 2018

It’s that time of year again when I look back over the goals I set myself over the previous year and decide on some new ones for the year ahead. I’m a little late posting this year but I was suffering from a winter cold.

What I intended to do in 2017:

  • Lose weight – Failed, I managed to stay the same for most of the year only to gain weight for Christmas 🙁

  • Continue work on STM32 development – I have done very little

  • Clear out Garage – A few large items need to go and are still there.

  • Build a new PC – I managed to do this one. About time too.

  • Finish Back Yard – The last step is still waiting to be installed.

  • Buy a new kitchen bin – It didn’t happen.

  • Cook something new – I cooked some duck legs and served with a plum sauce.

  • Eat more healthily – I ate more healthy things but ended up eating more.

  • Perform more data backups – Can always use more.

  • Read more books – I still have a shelf of unread books.

  • Plan Free time – Limited success.

2017 was perhaps a year to forget. Work was busier due to retirements and changes in staffing levels and increasing workload. Getting home from work tired doesn’t result in productive evenings.

What I aim to do in 2018:

  • Lose weight – I have some trousers I would like to fit again.

  • Continue work on STM32 development – I had a new board for Christmas and I need to do something with it.

  • Experiment with CPLD – I found a cheap development board I want to play with.

  • Clear out Garage – The last garage fridge failed so it can now due a full clear out.

  • Go 4k - It might be time to buy a 4k TV or computer monitor.

  • Finish Back Yard – The step will be installed at long last.

  • Eat more healthily – Less chocolate, fat, carbs.

  • Perform more data backups – More off-site backups too.

  • Read more books – I have a shelf of unread books waiting to be read.

  • Plan Free time – Make time for things I want to do.

  • Reduce Netflix use – Spend evenings away from TV

  • Tackle the Rodent Problem – The rats have returned to my loft 🙁

2018 has many of the same goals as for 2017. The 3 I would like to achieve are losing weight, clearing out the garage and reading more books. If I can manage these 3 then I might find some of the others get done as a result.