WordPress Theme Frustration

I have been using WordPress for this site since I set it up. Over the years the platform has developed significantly. I used to spend hours creating a customised site from scratch. I abandoned this approach a few years ago due to the focus on ‘responsive design’ allowing the site to be viewed on mobile screen sizes and aspect ratios. I moved to the pre-created templates and modified them.

Trying to make a few small changes today has been frustrating. In part due to the limitations of the parent theme being used. While the overall appearance of the theme I am happy with it is the interaction on the back end that is the problem. Whilst the administrative interface provides customisation options for certain features it didn’t allow access the fine grained modification I wanted. I only wanted to change the maximum number of featured posts to display. Ideally this option should have been included when the original theme was created. I suspect however the theme styling was the main thing on the developers mind rather than what functionality was going to be given to the end user. I resolved my issue with a few little tweaks, but a good bit of time wasted in doing so.