Since my previous desk lamp suffered from structural failure I have been using a small LED based lamp. It hasn’t been the same. In part down to the reduced height casting light over a much smaller area. My main grumble has been that the light was too warm and yellow. If I am working on a project not only do I want light spread all over my work area but I also light that I can use to read and see detail. Using a tall second hand fluorescent lamp, my workspace was significantly more illuminated than with the short LED lamp. The fluorescent lamp had a colour temperature of 2700K, putting it at the warm end of the spectrum.It didn’t have the right feel about it, it was too comforting and relaxing. Changing the lamp to one of 6400K generated a much cooler, whiter light. Perfect for what I need.

Such a harsh light is not the most relaxing thing to be using late in the evening but it can be turned off. It is all about balance. I want cool white light for working and warmer yellow light for relaxing. Being able to do a direct comparison between 2700K and 6400K certainly opened my eyes to the difference a lamp can make. I will probably need another task lamp in the near future and I will certainly be looking for lamps in the 6400K region.