Scottish Power Are Crap

I had an email this evening asking for my meter readings. I put down my mug of tea and read the meter. I have attempted to login to supply my readings only to be told my logon details are incorrect. I checked several times and they are correct. Time for a password reset if you aren’t going to let me login. I am still waiting for an email 30+ mins later. I can’t phone as the call centre shuts at 7pm. Trying my details again I might have locked my account due to the number of retries. I still cannot get a password reset. How on earth can I supply my meter reading when they don’t provide the facility to accept them. Not happy right now, I have wasted half and hour and my tea has gone cold.

Update #1:
Two reset emails arrived. I took the details from the most recent reset and attempted to login. I failed to get in. I only have two bits of information to use. My email address which I am confident is right as they seem to manage to send password reset to it. The password is a copy and paste from the email. How can it be wrong???
Update #2:
27/2/14 - It has taken 20 mins of waiting on the phone to get to speak to somebody. It would appear the nice folks at Scottish Power have upgraded the computer systems and made a complete mess of it. Having been told that “…there are a lot of people with this problem…” you would think somebody in I.T. might have attempted some sort of fix to save flooding the call centre staff with calls. I am now waiting for another reset email which I have to wait until tomorrow to use.