Aims for 2014

Time for a look back at what I intended to do last year.

  • Read an ebook on my Kindle Paper-white. - I have managed to read several and it’s in regular use.

  • Contribute to some open source projects. - Failed

  • Continue to develop my wireless sensor system. - Mostly failed, a little progress made but not much.

  • Buy a new soldering iron/station. - I have an ERSA Icon Nano

  • Decorate and carpet my lounge. - Success - It now looks lived in.Still needs curtains.

  • Document more of my projects on this website. - Mostly failed, a few notes were uploaded but not much else.

  • Use my Raspberry Pi for something interesting. - Barely looked at it.

  • Clear clutter out of my garage. - Cleared once then got full again.

  • Finish networking between lounge and bedroom. - Completed as part of decorating.

  • Write an android application for my tablet or phone. - I wrote a calculator script for use at work but it’s in html rather than an app.

So 2013 was mixed, some things achieved some not.
Time to see if I can complete some of last years goals in 2014.
  • Contribute to some open source projects.

  • Put more time into electronics projects (Raspberry Pi/Wireless Sensor System).

  • Get curtains for lounge.

  • Clear out Garage (again).

  • Write an android application for my tablet/phone

  • Pay off student loan.

  • Carpet master bedroom.

  • Build a Gaming PC and/or Steam Box

  • Repave Back Yard

  • Use a Linux desktop environment other than Gnome 3 for at least a month

Another to do list, but as before it will be a good year if I can cross a few of them off.