Fibre Broadband

Well I am getting tired of waiting for BE to offer up a fibre broadband product. I had been looking around and comparing a few offers. Ideally I wanted FTTP (Fibre-To-The_Premises) but this is not on offer yet so FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Cabinet) is my only option. The cabinet is a couple of streets away and the online line checkers suggest I might get in the region of 66Mb download and upto 20Mb upload. This would be a vast improvement over my current 10Mb download speeds via ADSL.

My options were limited to SKY, EE and BT. Sky is using an unbundled network, not part of the BT Openreach network, where as EE and BT both run over Openreach. I don’t like Sky; I want my Formula 1 live on the BBC not on some satellite channel. In addition the Sky network is apparently over subscribed and sluggish. That leaves EE & BT. I have a T-Mobile contract so I qualify for the discount from EE so the prices between EE & BT on the face of it differ by around £0.25.

I was all set for going to EE but then BT announce that they are removing the traffic shaping restrictions on their network. Previously the stance was P2P connections would be throttled/managed. I never got a clear answer as to what was classed as P2P traffic. Bittorrent traffic is the obvious one but I had heard reports of SSH sessions being restricted. Given the fact that I am more likely to use an SSH session this was a point to consider. The other point was the advanced payment of line rental to BT securing an additional discount (providing I make 2 calls a month and avoid the extra £2 charge). But what happens later if I went with EE and then changed mobile provider? Would I then loose the discount from them? With all this in mind BT was the only option.

The order has now been placed for Infinity2 (upto 76Mb) to be installed in a couple of weeks time :)

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