Sock Wear

Having had some use out a a set of socks, marked up with the days of the week; I have begun to consider the uneven wear rate of the socks.

First off the Saturday & Sunday pairs are hardly ever used as I have been making sure to only wear the socks on the marked day. Weekday socks are used for work days and see more action. However even with working a regular 5 day week there are two pairs of socks that will get worn less. The fist is the Monday pair. Given the number of UK Bank holidays falling on a Monday and not having to work means these socks get a day off too. But Friday socks are also worn less, if you are using your holiday entitlement you often create a long weekend by taking the Friday and Monday off.

Following a few months of sock wearing the weekend socks look like new ( I don’t think I have worn the Sunday socks yet). Weekday socks all look as though they are getting some use. But I shall attempt to assess again in a few months time. I suspect Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday to look either more worn or to be the first to get a hole.