PS3 Media Server + Bravia 22EX553

Due to the decline in the picture quality from my old 14” Goodmans CRT TV I recently purchased a replacement. The Sony Bravia 22EX553 is a nice 22” 720P set with a Freeview HD tuner. It’s only a set for the bedroom so extra features were not a high priority. Having said that I decided to make use of the features it does have, in my case DLNA video streaming from the PS3 Media Server software running on my PC.

I will skip the setting up of the network/firewall as this is specific to me. The problem I experienced was with the transcoding settings when attempting to play video. I was able to get the TV to see the server and browse the video content. I was able to select it and begin playback, all I got was a blank screen. PS3 Media Server was transcoding but nothing was getting to the TV. I solved this when I found a setting for “Default renderer when automatic detection fails” although the TV was seen correctly by the server as “Sony Bravia EX”.

Changing “Default renderer when automatic detection fails” from “Unknown renderer” to “Sony Bravia EX” and saving the setting solved the problem. I can now select and playback my videos without any problems.