Bedroom Temperature

Now that the winter months are upon us getting out of bed in the morning has become more of a chore. The difference in room/duvet temperature is difficult to overcome. It would appear that a room temperature of 18-22 C is recommended for a good nights sleep. I might have a go at putting it to the test.

Current room temperature this evening is 17.37 C and it is cool but not uncomfortable. I will try a small oil filled radiator overnight and see if it maintains a suitable environment. It may cost more to maintain the temperature but I may be rewarded with better sleep. I’m still going to have my socks on in bed just in case.

Mr w and mr h
It was fu**ing freezing when we were there!
The temperature you experienced was within the habitable range. It was your own fault that you have become over dependant on a scarf and coat to maintain a tropical temperature. If more people were a little more tolerant of cooler temperatures then the world may not face the looming problem of providing energy to an increasingly demanding population. The radiator for overnight heating was abandoned due the relays switching the heating elements in and out being too noisy to sleep through. Additional research indicated that the laminate flooring is not providing good enough insulating properties and is leading to excess heat loss. Carpet for 2013.