2012 - A New Year AheadΒΆ

Happy New Year!!!

What can be said about 2011. Many things happened, many things did not. Moving into my own house was probably the most significant and with DIY projects in mind will continue to be a feature of 2012. What does seem to have suffered is my own creative projects, 2011 will go down as a year with many ideas not being realised. So now is the time to plan for the year ahead, to change a few things and make more things happen.

Aims for 2012:

  • Design and have manufactured my own PCB

  • Build a wireless sensor system for the home

  • Fit new carpet to one or more rooms in house

  • Finish loft insulating project

  • Rid the house of vermin

  • Rearrange Lounge

  • Regularly Contribute to an open source project

That lot should keep me busy.