Of Bins & Placement

In a trek to feed a black food parcel to the refuse goblin I was intrigued to find a note placed in its mouth. The local bureau of goblin oversight had deemed that the current location of said goblin was impeding the flow of peasants along the bridleway. Doing my duty as a citizen of the realm I re-sited the goblin (much to its displeasure) to a nicely shaded spot where it wouldn’t trouble folk.

An old beggar woman came stumbling along the path, becoming more displeasing to the eye with each step closer. A conversation was attempted, discussing the state of things. The only response was a prolonged grumble about the position of the refuse goblins. Pitying the old woman I encouraged her on her way. I took off back to the homestead to work on grand schemes and ideas that some lesser folk deemed dark arts.