Lack Of Bins & Placement

In my previous post I outlined in a somewhat comic fashion the note I had found in my bin with regards to its placement on a pavement. The note had been placed there for good reason as a number of bins mine included had been strewn about. Now that was some weeks back and ever since the bin has been moved back and neatly positioned to allow for clear passage. Due to the bins location and the sloped bank and steps at the rear of my property it has not been practical to bring them inside the property boundary for health and safety reasons. I don’t want to fall down steps with a heavy bin on me. So they have been sitting there happily until today.

Due to the aforementioned note and with the need to keep bins tidy I have been taking a bag of rubbish up to the bins to both dispose of it and to move the bin off the path. So this very evening I ascended the steps with refuse in hand, unlocked the gate ready to reposition the bin. One problem, actually two problems, no green bin for garden waste and no black bin either. I now have, due to the warm weather and discarded food scraps, a bag of indescribable stench sitting in my kitchen.

This as you can imagine has left me a little unhappy with the bastards at the council. Obviously there should have been some more budget cutting and the offending cretins dismissed and the savings used for something more useful like road maintenance.

Now we shall get on to phase 2 of the irritation scale. The previous weeks refuse collection had been fine aside from the fact that a random bin had appeared at the front of my property and remained there for most of the week waiting to be claimed by whichever neighbour it belonged to. It was finally claimed yesterday I assumed that whoever wanted to put their bins out had discovered it had not been returned and collected it. Or as I now suspect they were a dual bin owner and had previously been making use of the rear bins in addition to the front bin.

I am now without bins, the council website has an online form to complete for a new bin to be provided. Underneath a series of check boxes for what bin I wish to request is a box asking for a reason, this field is required. Needless to say the form has not yet been completed due to the fact I may end up telling them where I plan on shoving my current bag of refuse.

Irritation phase 3. The process of writing this post required the turning on of my PCs monitor. This can generate some heat whilst running. The result is that my sleeping quarters have seen the ambient temperature rise somewhat. Now in cooler conditions this is nothing to worry about but the warm and sticky conditions of recent nights computer usage has been reduced. After a particularly warm day I was hoping to keep the room as cool as possible, not have to vent my anger over the lack of a waste collection receptacle.

Irritation phase 4. It has only been a month since I managed to finally get rid of my recycling due to the wonderful council not being able to publish an easy to find collection schedule. So after thinking everything was moving along smoothly to have this happen has tipped me over the edge. The only thing which may result in a phase 5 meltdown is if during or after the bin replacement procedure they try and charge me for the replacement. Stay tuned, this may get ugly.