Goals For July 2011

The June 2011 has resulted in a few tasks backing up due to lack of time, resources, money etc. July will be the month for reorganising and getting back on track.

The ToDo List:

  • Get Rid of Recycling - This has been mounting up for over a month and I need to get rid of it before it takes over the garage

  • Server - Since the upgrade to Fedora 15 I haven’t been fully happy with the machine. Mainly down the the AMD/ATI driver support for Gnome 3. So by the end of the month a decision will have to be reached on a solution. Will it be fitting an Nvidia graphics card, using another window manager, using another distro, getting a working driver or something else?

  • Window Coverings - My lounge is currently fitted with some very thin yet vibrant red curtains that don’t match the décor (they came with the house and I couldn’t be bothered to change them). It is about time a better solution was found. A blackout blind would be handy for removing excess light on the tv, but being able to control the incomming light would be beneficial to light the room during the day without full direct sunlight. A two stage blind solution may be the answer with a future curtain upgrade for added insulation purposes.

  • Summer Cooling Solution - Two recent days highlighted the need for additional bedroom ventillation to ensure an adequate sleep cycle. Long term this would involve a window upgrade but a cheaper solution is required. Fans and loft insulation are listed for consideration.

That lot should keep me busy. It most likely wont all get done but at least I know what I should be doing.

Solution for summer cooling!! I saw this and thought of you :-) http://hackaday.com/2011/07/02/poor-mans-peltier-air-conditioner/
The only slight problem being my lack of a peltier block.