The Law Prevents Natural Selection

Driving home this evening down a dark country lane at a reasonable velocity I discovered some weaker members of the species. The weaker links in a species should be allowed to assist the species as a whole by removing themselves from the genepool. This usually involves their own stupidity leading to their own demise.

The event in question featured 2 cyclists and a pedestrian. Cyclists in recent years seem to have decided that a tiny flashing or constant LED array smaller than a playing card sufficient to indicate their presence on the road rather than a larger bulb based light. This is fine for reducing the overall weight and handling of thier chosen method of transportation; however on the other side of a blind bend its only effect is a brief blur as its rider slides over the roof of the car. It was lucky then that I spotted the 2 cyclists pushing their little LEDs along the road. Clad in dark colours the LEDs were the only things visible. Now it is difficult to see them and their going at walking pace and being hit by a motor vehicle might be a little uncomfortable for them. Walkers in a similar situation would be on the other side of the road looking for oncomming traffic and being ready to launch themselves into the nearest hedge should events take a turn for the worst, but not the travellers tonight.

I think I have established the stupidity of the cyclists pushing poorly lit bikes along in the dark without high visibility clothing but I have neglected the pedestrian with them. If I were to be in a situation where a motorist may not see me I would be sure to make sure I was out of the way at the side of the road. The primary candidate for elimination from the species was to be found walking down the middle of the road, back towards the traffic without any illumination talking to one of the dismounted cyclists.

I could have assisted the human race by removing a weak link, but apparently the law says I should leave them be. Calling it an accident is not a way around it either, I would be found guilty of causing them harm. For some strange reason the stupid have more rights than the sensible. If they don’t want to come to harm they should not be in a position to be harmed and those too stupid to realise danger are of no use to society as a whole. Society just ends up breeding lemmings. Which raises the question of “How do we point them to the nearest cliff?”