Quick Mailserver UpdateΒΆ

I have at long last done a little more work on the mailserver project. The latest thing to report is the addition of dspam to filter out spam. In addition to this clamAV is also integrated.

The next step will be to do some more testing and then plug in another application which should make training and using the spam filter a little easier.

The documentation surrounding the addition of dspam and antivirus to the setup I am working on has been very hard to come by and in some cases is conflicting. Having made significant progress recently I am hoping to eventually have my setup production ready by the end of the year*. *Might as well give myself plenty of time.

Success. I think at long last I have implemented the last component of my mailserver. The antivirus scanning and spam filtering has possibly been the most difficult bit of the entire project. Whilst the rest of the setup was quite lengthy and involved alot of options there was a wealth of documetation tom refer to. The last stage involved some non-standard packages combined in a non-standard way. The available documentation and examples of exisiting setups was next to impossible to find. In the end I resorted to reading the documentaion for the individual packages, not an easy task to read 40 pages of vague techniucal explanations which assumed you already fully understood what you were attempting to configure. All that is left to do now is test, tweak a little bit more, train up the spam filter & make sure the log files are reporting things as they should. Documenting this last stage of the project should be alot easier, the integration into the established setup is probably no more than 10 lines of code across a few config files. The setup I am using was decided upon from the outset to be used by a single user,as a home system or for a small low traffic user group. I feel it has met it's goals very well. There are some areas which can be built upon. The current setup uses system user accounts. It should be possible to expand to support virtual users. The integration of dspam can be done in a different way and should allow the mailserver to scale better. Time for me to have a break before I get back to the documentation. Hopefully more posts will follow soon regarding the implementation.