November Update

As usual it has taken me until the end of the month to get round to posting something. Normally this is just an update of the mail server saga or something about a site update. Not wanting to miss out such information that will follow. More interesting news is that I am changing my job, moving from a Field Engineer covering the entire country to something a little more localised. It should mean that I have a bit more of a life outside work; about time too.

Now the mail server is still working and I need to keep working on it to ensure stability and security but its mostly running itself. The website as a whole needs a few tweaks, the design is looking a little old. I am thinking of moving to a darker theme. Currently viewing the site in a darkened room on a 24” monitor is quite blinding. Something less intense and more readable is in order.

Since I am on holiday this week I may get some changes rolled out sooner rather than later.