Mailserver Project: Another UpdateΒΆ

I was hoping to begin this month with news that my mailserver project was reaching the milestone objective of being secure and working, alas it is not to be. The good news is that over the past month I have made significant progress and am in the final stages of securing and testing.

I have dovecot and postfix talking to each other and maildrop filtering the incomming mail. Work at the moment is partly on documenting my decisions and testing processes and partly on implementing the remote authentication over a secure link. I am taking the security aspect quite seriously and as a result it requires extra time to get it right. Currently my documentation/notes are upto 30+ pages in openoffice and I may even split the guide into sections. The SSL certificate generation and usage notes I have been making are quite extensive and can be used to generate self-signed certificates for other applications too.

Fingers crossed another month might be all I need; only time will tell.