Battery Failure Season

Let me start by outlining the recent issues I have been having with electronic devices. Usually they behave as expected and under normal circumstances and change in this normal behaviour is easily recognisable. Problems occur however when multiple events coincide and reveal a change in behaviour or problem. Such an event recently occured; my previous post explained the issues I was having with Xorg Server. When updating my sever and power desktop I ran into an intermittant issue with sporadic keyboard lag. I initially attributed this to the usage of Synergy to share the keyboard and mouse between the server and desktop. The synergy setup used the linux server as the host sharing it’s keyboard and mouse with the Windows/Linux Dual boot desktop.

To diagnose the problem I booted the desktop into windows to make use the Logitech software to report on the battery status. This all checked out and the battery status was returned as ‘Good’ for both the keyboard and mouse. I proceeded to check several other options and recompiled software drivers. Stuggling to resolve the issue I returned to checking the Logitech utility, after giving the utility about 60 secs of run time it finally decided to report a low battery status. Replacing the batteries in both the keyboard and mouse solved the problems. It was another complete coincidence that the batteries in both the mouse and keyboard had failed at the same time. The peripherals had been purchased years apart with the batteries previously replaced in the keyboard only once and the mouse still using the same set from new.

On to the next battery failure now this one was partly down to human error. Whilst trying to use a laptop in the field I discovered that I had not packed the power supply. This resulted in a mild panic on my part due the urgent need to complete the task at hand. The laptop itself was a few years old and still running Windows 2000. Given the fact that it had been on constant charge when used the previous day the reason for my panic was the battery reporting 25 minutes run time after booting. With the requirement to have to carry out work, shut down, reboot and carry on working I had to be quick. In the end I took brief yet complete notes from which I could complete the rest later. That concludes the next battery issue.

After the current spate of battery problems the last thing I needed when returning to work was to find the batteries in the wireless mouse were dead. I don’t know what it was about the last few weeks but it seems that the battery population must be somewhat reduced. That reminds me, its time to buy some more AA batteries. You never know when the next device will fail.