A Few ChangesΒΆ

Another quiet month from me but a few things have been happening behind the scenes. I have moved the site from personal to professional hosting. The main reason for this is that it gives me a few more features to play about with and everything I need is in the one package without the need for add-on options.

For the time being I have disabled user registration; the majority of those who registered were not real users. I may reenable this in the future but it is not on my todo list in the short term.

I inted to give the theme a refresh as it has been some time since the intial design was implemented and Wordpress has changed the way the php tags are embedded in the pages. There are a few minor bugs, mainly the next previous page links which currently appear as duplicates on some pages. The overall idea is to make up a theme suitable for my mailserver guide which is nearing completion.

You should really reed what you post, two typo's in your last post. I don't know, standards are certaily falling these days. See you soon my good friend
I have applied a couple of fixes to the text. This is what I get when doing updates late at night.