XHTML Valid Once Again

Since the upgrade to WordPress 2.5 I have been a little unhappy that the site wasn’t validating as XHTML 1.0 Transitional Compliant. Today I have taken steps to correct this.

Why is it important to have a standards compliant site? Well for starters a site that adheres to the standards should appear the same on whichever browser and operating system combo you choose to use. If my site looks wrong for any reason its probably due to the browser not rendering the standards correctly, Internet Explorer is very bad for this.

This week I needed to use a business site to look up some information. I tried to access the menu system to get to the contacts page but the interactive menu appeared at the wrong side of the screen. This made it impossible to click on the link I needed. I was using Firefox at this point which is for all intents and purposes a major browser; even if it still is behind Internet Explorers majority market share. I then tried to access the site with Internet Explorer and surprise surprise it worked. The developer had created a buggy site to work with a buggy browser.

If everybody out there makes their websites standards compliant then the browsers will be fixed to adhere to them and your page will be correctly displayed on all platforms people choose to access it from. Thats my rant over for now.