Time Sink

Over the past 3 and a bit months I have been playing Eve-Online, a massively multiplayer game set in outer space. This has been the first time I have played something like this for any great length of time and like any game it took me the best part of 3 months playing to get to the stage where I had a few options.

The problem is that I find myself investing more and more time into the game, mining from asteroids and flying my various spaceships on missions. But what am I actually achiving? Sure its a bit of escapism in my downtime but when it takes over your downtime this is a bad thing.

The game has won me over with its “do this little bit more and you can get this better thing” approach. Taking a step back and looking at it, thats all it is, all they have done is given an addiction a theme.

All i need to do now is wait for my current addiction subscription to expire and I’ll suddenly find myself with time on my hands again.