September 2008 Hurt My Wallet

Well its the end of September and it has been an expensive month. Part of this is down to my wreckless IT spending the other down to an automotive parts supplier.

Early this month I had a problem spring out of nowhere, the hard disk in my old laptop died suddenly. I didn’t loose any vital data, just my mailserver test setup, hence why no update on that front. I should get most of that back when I complete the reinstall on a new drive. Not an expensive part to replace but its another drain on the pocket.

During the search for a new drive I was tempted by the cheap hard disk prices for the 500GB drives. Temptation from technology is a bad thing for me. One thing lead to another and I ended up assembling a 1TB NAS device. The idea is that large files for long term storage can live there and smaller drives and smaller files in my laptops & desktops are quicker to archive/image as a result. There was some method in my madness.

I had planned for that to be the end of my purchases for this month but it was also time for the car to have an MOT. Whilst it was at the garage I decided to get the warning light issue that had plagued me for the past 9 months looked at yet again. 4 days and £410 later I have (I hope) a working car again. The problem seems to have been caused by a 3rd party catalyst I had fitted to replace the old worn out one. The 3rd party part had been playing havoc with the sensors on the car and triggering the warning. Thats what you get for not getting a genuine part.

So October will hopefully be a cheaper month, only time will tell.