May & Mailservers

May 2008 has been somewhat uneventful on the traveling front, work has mainly taken my to and from the office (3 miles a day). On the plus side being based at home I have invested some time into trying to setup a mail server. Now setting up a mail server was never going to be an easy task, the fact that I still don’t have a working setup after several weeks of attempts is testament to this.

I did discover one solution that may be of use to somebody wishing to setup a headless server. ClarkConnect is a modular server and gateway operating system which can be setup for your needs. There are commercial and community editions available, I tried the community edition. What was obvious for the brief test installation is how polished ClarkConnect is; but you would expect this from an established commercial product. The fact that as a home user I can use this product for free is fantastic. ClarkConnect is linux based but its essentially a highly customised single purpose distribution. You can’t for example install a gnome desktop on it, its a headless server and as such is a web interface for the server processes only. If I wasn’t wanting to run non-server applications on the same machine as the mailserver then ClarkConnect would be my first choice for a simple and secure home server setup. Give it a try.

When I finally get a solution for my own mailserver setup I’ll try to create an install guide, I’ve not found a good guide yet so I may as well try and create one.