Time For Another Update

It has been many weeks since my last post, as usual I have been busy with many things and often away from net access. So time for a little news. The site has been upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. Given that its taken me less than a week to apply an upgrade isn’t bad for me.

The upgrade didn’t go exactly to plan however. I decided I would investigate what was taking up about 35 Megs of server space. It turned out that all the email I recieve through this domain had correctly been forwarded to my other email account, but also had a copy sitting on the server. Over 4500 emails mainly spam needed to be deleted and here the problems started. Not content with being able to delete 20 items at a time i decided to try 999. It appeared to start well, then DN vanished. The server decided it wouldn’t serve the site any more. Ok, 5 mins and it should be back up I thought; try more like 15-20. As you can imagine when something like this happens it is natural to have a slight panic, I was considering what to say to the hosting provider in the morning should things still be unresolved. In the end DN came back to life, I could relax and you could once again enjoy a site that might not get another post for the best part of a month. On the email removal front removing a smaller quantity at a time allowed me to clear the backlog.

Over the past few days I have been working on a little configuration guide for a Gentoo emerge logging feature. It’s for my own reference really but I think I might add it as a page and share with you out there in internet land. Then there is also my iptables firewall script which may make it onto the site one day but needs more work first.

I don’t have any major plans to overhaul the site at this time, its too time consuming to do that. If I can get into the right frame of mind I might make a few tweaks to a few areas, the links page could do with more than two links to Dilbert.