Things To Complain About

There is a section of road that is possibly the worst new creation in the UK. Exiting the M40 to get to the M1 via the A43 is awful, especially at rush hour. There are far too many roundabouts restricting the flow of traffic along this route. The result is several miles of slowly moving traffic and the risk of more accidents. The whole design seems to be a money saving plan rather than making the journey of the motorist easier, they should reconsider the whole design and come up with something more practical.

The next thing I want to moan about is Dell computers, especially the ones found in Surgeries. They have a fan in them that keeps changing its speed and its damn irritating when its otherwise a quiet room. I understand the need for spinning the fan down to save energy but a better fan controller to stop the constantly changing noise would be beneficial.

It’s been one of those weeks where the little things have bothered me. Will next week be any better?

Mate you should try driving in America, traffic builds up because drivers are too moronic to handle entrance ramps!!!! Lane hoggers are bad, doing the same speed as adjacent lanes when they are sitting in the far left lane. Don't even get me started on inbred TRUCK DRIVERS (and I don't mean Lorrys, they are actually pretty decent drivers)!! Damn Truck drivers act as though they rule the road - swerving around people, cutting lanes with just a whispers distance between them and other drivers, pulling out of junctions and causng you to brake sharply! They just endangering EVERYONE else, so to help me deal with them I have to yell 'BECAUSE IT'S A TRUCK DRIIVUUUUUUUUUR' everytime they perform an inbred trick.
Tunk do you have any recommendations of how to convert the aweful 'm4a' audio format (used with iPODs and iTunes) to a WAV audio format? I want WAV since converting from m4a to MP3 would be a lossy process, m4a cuts the frequencies we dont hear in one way and mp3 cuts those frequencies in another way... resulting in double trimming and awefull quality! Once I have the WAV format I can use CDex to rip them to OGGS (or MP3 depending on quality of either, since the original quality wouldn't be CD quality). Cheers TUNK!
Buy the audio you have in m4a on CD or an unrestricted higher bitrate format and then downsample to ogg. Compressed Digital to Analogue to Compressed Digital formatting will just end up making the audio sound worse.
Come on Tunk, that's no answer!! I thought you were the computer king... I've already legally purchased multiple digital music files using iTunes, seems silly to pay for it again (not only to pay again but pay ten times as much for ENTIRE ALBUMS on CD since they weren't all released on single). Converting a m4a format file to WAV wouldn't be totally lossless, but it would be the least the lossless format to convert it to. Unless you can suggest a better format to convert to... Oh no worries, I just found this;
Voice of Reason
That conversation is ridiculous! The WAV that is produced from an mp4a is still going to be missing the data that was removed in the original compression process. The WAV to .mp3/OGG vorbis will then remove further data thus reducing quality. You won't notice the difference between transcoding from mp4a to mp3 or mp4a to WAV to mp3 because both will end up recompressing an audio stream that's already been compressed once.
Now that is a good point isn't it, but the Voice of Reason has forgoten a minor detail. The currently available m4a (not mp4a) to ogg convertors are themselves at fault. The code in the convertor software which is used to compress the between the two is also introducing noise and hence the cause of the problem under discussion here. Converting the mp3 to a WAV format allows the use of a plethora of audio conversion software, rather than the fractional variety that can convert directly.
Voice of Reason
This is complete crap. Any conversion tool will use the relevant codec (in this case m4a) to generate a raw audio stream. This will then be fed into another codec (in this case an OGG vorbis codec) which will recompress the stream into an ogg container according to the vorbis compression scheme. The raw stream generated by the m4a codec is exactly the same going into the PCM encoder used to create the WAV as that fed into the OGG codec. The fact that you are having problems with the existing software (which may just be due to user incompetence) does not mean that transcoding to WAV gives any gain in quality.